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Diagonal corner pockets (self-adhesive)

Diagonal corner pockets (self-adhesive)


These self-adhesive clear polypropylene corner pockets or diagonal pockets are particularly appreciated by printers for sticking to the inside covers of folders, books manuals etc. Ideal for holding price lists, spec sheets, instructions or any printed card that may require easy removal and reinserting in the folder.

The large 100mm, 120mm, 140mm, 170mm & 210mm sizes work very well when used inside or outside binder or folder covers. A single pocket will hold a printed card or other material that needs to be prominent when presented to the user.
The smaller 32mm size make excellent photo corners when used for photographs or postcards requiring just two pockets on opposite corners.
  • Crystal clear polypropylene
  • High quality clear acrylic adhesive for permanent fixing.
  • Easy removal from backing sheet
  • Polypropylene is superior to PVC
  • 6 sizes available: 32mm - 210mm

Whilst a diagonal pocket will hold a business card you may prefer to look at our rectangular pockets that are designed specifically for the purpose. Sometimes known as triangle pockets, angled pockets, adhesive corner pockets,

These are supplied four individual on a sheet (with open edges to the outside and flush cut).

Supplied in packs of 100

Prices per pack of 100 pockets.
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Over 500
32x32mm Diagonal (Used to hold business cards on two corners or photos on four corners)
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ECON 100
100x100mm Diagonal (Holds A6 an document)
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ECON 120
120x120mm Diagonal
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ECON 140
140x140mm Diagonal (Holds A5 documents)
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ECON 170
170x170mm Diagonal
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ECON 210
210x210mm Diagonal (Holds A4 documents)
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Supplied in multiples of 100.

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