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Punched Polyprop. Pockets for Easel Binders or Flip Charts

Terminology becomes confusing when you are buying pockets for easel binders. This is because the pockets are usually described in relation to their normal use, for turning from right to left. With easel binders the same pockets are used turned through ninety degrees and are flipped from bottom to top.

If your easel binder is longest size to the horizontal (or the desk), then it is termed as a landscape easel binder (as the paper is viewed in landscape format). Confusingly, these use portrait punched pockets, with the binding margin on the longest edge, it is just that they are turned through ninety degrees for use in the easel binder.

In A4 you can use our GCP/A4 or SGCP/A4 punched polypropylene pockets/sleeves.
In A3 you need our WGP/A3 punched polypropylene pockets/sleeves.
These are all open along the short edge.

If your easel binder is shortest size towards the desk, or vertical/portrait format, you need landscape punched pockets (punched on the short edge).

In A4 use WGP/A4LB or SGCPA4LB punched polypropylene pockets/sleeves. These are open towards the punched/binding/short edge.

For A3 use our SGCP/A3LB (open punched/binding/short edge) or WGP/A3L (open long edge) punched polypropylene pockets/sleeves. Once again, please check with the image of the product.